Your Impact

Your support is significant in addressing five sets of needs bordering the gorilla habitat. You can send us a general contribution or you can choose one or more of the following for your donation:


The Bwindi Silverback Gorilla contributions will strengthen nutrition projects aimed at eliminating poaching in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and protecting gorillas there. With over 5,000 community farmers in the gorilla habitats region, there is an urgent need for food seeds, chickens, and goats to support family nutrition. Donations will also be used to assist Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers in their critical work of protecting gorillas.   

Annual goal - 100 x $250  

The Virunga Gorillas Protectors and Defenders donations will help the foundation work with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to educate community members on the importance of gorilla protection and ways of minimizing human-wildlife conflict.

Annual goal - 500 x $100 

The Bwindi Gorilla Matriarchs funds will support local women through the House of Bwindi training in the clothing and crafts businesses and the Kawacare Health Insurance project.

Annual goal - 1000 x $50

Donations marked for Mgahinga Gorilla Group Troopers will go toward Coffee Clubs for education initiatives, particularly for girls.

Annual goal - 1000 x $50

And the Bwindi Gorilla Youngsters donations will support the youth to engage in sports activities, especially the favorite game of soccer, as well as encourage communities to take care of their habitats through better sustainable agriculture practices, planning for future generations’ use, and enjoyment of the land. 

Annual goal - 1000 x $50

Whichever you choose, you’ll be making a positive difference in preserving the noble gorillas and in supporting healthier and sustainable family communities.


With commitment, vision, and passion, and a little help from you, we can do our part of creating meaningful and purposeful changes.

We know we cannot do this work through donations alone, so we partner with Gorilla Highlands Coffee to bring in their Direct Trade Roasted at Origin coffee to support our projects. Not just will coffee farmers receive better prices through Direct Trade, but a percentage of all coffee sales come to our foundation to support these projects. 

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Needs funds to buy sewing machines and tailoring materials for our women and to build a resource center. In 2020  we need to raise $15,000.00 for implementing this.

Let's increase the number of farmers that we cover for medical insurance. We have 50 currently insured and have another 450 to include in the next 2 years. 

$20,000.00 will get us there.



Coffee as a change-agent? Yes ... generating income for university fees and encouraging self-reliance. We want to include a further 3 schools in our program in the next 2 years. Each school costs $15,000 to implement and sustain the 4-year program. A total of $45,000 is needed to achieve this goal.

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coffee cherries and hands.HEIC

Thank you for being the change you want to see!