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Coffee Connecting Communities 

Because we believe that your coffee should taste good and do good. 

Not just in Uganda within gorilla habitat communities,

but right here in Detroit, and in your own community.


We create changes within, and through, coffee communities - connecting different countries as far apart as Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and the USA, using these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as guiding values in our work:


Coffee Connecting Communities

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Detroit partnerships with Full Circle Foundation, and Nikki's Ginger Tea. 

Community Cafe Projects - a collaboration of both non-profit and for-profit community entities to create connected spaces/coffee shops that becomes a hub for private, public, and non-profit organizations as well as the general public.


The pilot project will be based on the border between Grosse Pointe and Detroit. Coffee Connecting Communities is partnering with Full Circle Foundaiton participants, bringing them into the coffee community within the cafe setting where they will learn to roast the green beans, grind, brew, serve, and sell the bagged coffee. 


A second project will be based in the Island View neighborhood in Detroit  in a collaboraiton with Nikkis Ginger Tea, helping underserved and  underrepresented populations to enter into the coffee industry.

How is all of this connected?

Both projects will feature signature coffee from the gorilla highlands reigon in SW Uganda, in support of the goals of gorilla conservation, sustaining gorilla habitats and creating better livelihood for cofffe farmers. 

It's about connections:

    - connection between people

    - connection between communities

    - connection between cultures

    - connection of ideas

    - connection of underserved populations to meaningful jobs

    - connection of community leaders to bring forth collaborations

    - connection of charitable causes with potential donors   


Shared ideas, shared goals, shared missions, and shared passions have great potential to unite us all. 

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