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Our Impact

Coffee Connecting Communities


We create changes within, and through, coffee communities - connecting different countries as far apart as Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and the USA, using these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as guiding values in our work:


We are now also working with the Full Circle Foundation to bring opportunities to people with developmental disabilities to become part of the coffee industry.


We are doing that by collaborating together and setting up the opportunity to roast in-house and sell our single-origin coffee from SW Uganda as a means to supplement revenue, and to increase life skills for their people. 

We will post updates soon, as we progress in this project.

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Coffee's origins are African, so what better way to bring this wonderful coffee to the US than to partner with a vibrant African-American Detroit community and organization to achieve this goal - Direct Trade, Roasted at Origin coffee from Uganda, helping coffee farmers, sustaining habitats of mountain gorillas and developing new business initiatives in this Island View community.

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Because we believe that your coffee should taste good and do good. 

Not just in Uganda, but right here in Detroit.