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Protecting Gorillas

Protectors of gorillas and habitats.

The mountain gorilla is one of the most endangered species on the planet, with a small but growing population of about 1,100 individuals.  Their range is limited to a small area of East Africa, with about half of all mountain gorillas found in Bwindi Forest and Mwahinga National Parks in Uganda.


The two main threats to continued gorilla survival are poaching and loss of gorilla habitat through destruction and encroachment.  The Noble Gorilla Foundation and Gorilla Highlands Coffee have partnered to transform poachers of gorillas and other wildlife into protectors and champions of these gentle giants, offering them an alternative livelihood in sustainable coffee farming.  We also support the rangers of the Uganda Wildlife Authority through donations of needed tools and materials for their critical work.

Sadly, in June 2020, desperation arising from COVID-19 led one man in a frontline community to encroach into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in search of food in the form of "bush meat". When he encountered an iconic silverback of the Nkuringo group, he killed him.  Rafiki, one of our dearest silverback gorillas, lost his life to poaching that day. He was the protector of his gorilla family of 17, comprised of 3 blackbacks (adolescent male gorillas), 8 adult females, 2 juveniles, and 3 infants. See our photo of this beautiful silverback here. 

 Nothing can undo this action. Rafiki is gone.

Around this same time, Noble Gorilla Foundation had launched our Nutrition Support program for farmers. We delivered chickens, goats, and vegetable seeds to over 100 farmers. Unfortunately, this man and his family were not one of our recipients. Had we been able to extend our program to more people, this tragedy could have been averted. 

With your help, we can eradicate poaching from their habitats, and continue to support UWA rangers in the field. 


Justice has been served by the Uganda Courts, Rafiki's killer gets 11-year jail sentence. 

Rafiki Photo

"Women 's participation in conservation is crucial because they also participate in the destruction of the habitat through domestic roles like gathering medicine from forests, firewood, and growing crops too close to the gorilla's habitats. Supporting families with this nutrition program is important to help sustain gorillas habitats. Educating and empowering them means increasing habitat protection.

Regina Sanyu,

Dian Fossey Foundation.

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Seeds, goats and chickens delivered

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