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Noble Gorilla Foundation

Noble Gorilla Foundation supports coffee communities and wildlife rangers who protect endangered gorillas in Southwest Uganda. These gorilla highlands coffee farming communities border the mountain gorilla habitats in the UNESCO-designated gorilla habitats of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park.

You can help us to Create Changes Within, and Through, Coffee Communities
by donating your spare change to projects supporting these Uganda coffee farming communities and gorilla habitats

Other projects in the communitiy.

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of Mountain Gorillas 

Gorilla Highlands 

Coffee Clubs 

Safeguarding their habitats. Bwindi-Sarambwe mountain gorilla population grows to 459; global count now stands at 1,063 (UWA, 2019)

Preventing killings like this of our noble gorillas.

Planting coffee trees with young girls at high schools as a way of learning sustainable farming within their communities.  When harvesting arrives, the fruit of their labor is used to pay for higher education and university fees.

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House of Bwindi

Fashion and Crafts

Coffee is a seasonal harvest, which means half of the year there is no income for farmers. Our women are being trained in tailoring and craft skills as a means of supplementing their income, creating sustained and improved livelihoods 


Kawacare Health Program

We start with caring for our team members and ensuring they have health insurance and protection. Then we extend the program to as many farmers as we are able to. Providing access to modern medicines also protects the habitats of gorillas as people won't need to forage for bush medicine. 

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