Our Projects

Sustainability for food security and income for people,

sustaining the forest for the habitats of the gorillas.

The future for all the inhabitants of this beautiful region, not just the mountain gorillas but all the farmers and community members, depends on maintaining the balance, the dance, between the needs of people and the needs of earth's creatures.

That is why we are dedicating our efforts to build a Center of Excellence, commemorating the memory of Rafiki and other gorillas that have lost their lives to poaching due to inequality and poverty conditions that drive people to poaching practices. 

The Mwaro Rafiki Center of Excellence will be our home and will provide

Model coffee farms -  Nursery for growing vegetable seedlings for distribution to community members - Community center for our women creating clothing and crafts - Coffee Roastery to create skilled jobs and lifetime careers in the coffee space.

Mwaro site of center of Excellence.jpg



Drying racks constructed as part of the model farm.

Intercropping food crops - bananas- with coffee at the model farm.

Training center for coffee picking and processing.

model coffee garden and bananas.jpg
Rugaya and woman farmer.jpg
drying racks at Mwaro.jpg