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Image by Musiime P. Muramura


Our Story

Fiona is Noble Gorilla Foundation's co-founder. She brings experience in Papua New Guinea building an exporting coffee company with 2,345 certified organic and rainforest alliance members and has now found a new home in Uganda to do the same type of work.


So how do Papua New Guinea, Uganda, and the US all come together?


When co-Director Mr. Smith read an article and book about his school friend and his coffee experiences in Papua New Guinea with Fiona, he reconnected with him and shared ideas on helping mountain gorillas and coffee communities in Uganda.

Many cups of coffee over numerous occasions resulted in their first trip to Uganda to meet coffee cooperative farmers and explore ways on how to support them.


A year later, after discussions on what were some of the most pressing needs in the communities and what can be done for creating sustainable changes, we set up this foundation focusing on specific projects, as a way to bridge, connect, heal, and achieve sustainable and meaningful changes, and along the way, invite others to enjoy their daily coffee and through this simple gesture, contribute and be a part of our noble ideals. 

We invite you to be a part of this work. 

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