Coffee Connecting Communities

We create changes within, and through, coffee communities - connecting different countries as far apart as Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and the USA, using these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as guiding values in our work:

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Coffee's origins are African, so what better way to bring this wonderful coffee to the US than to partner with a vibrant African-American Detroit community and organization to achieve this goal - Direct Trade, Roasted at Origin coffee from Uganda, helping coffee farmers, sustaining habitats of mountain gorillas and developing new business initiatives in this Island View community.

So how do Papua New Guinea, Uganda, and the US all come together? Mr. Smith read an article and book about his school friend John Quinlan and his coffee experiences in Papua New Guinea with Fiona. He reconnected with him and shared personal ideals and goals on helping mountain gorillas and coffee communities in Uganda.

Many cups of coffee over numerous occasions resulted in Fiona's first trip to Uganda to meet Director of Gorilla Highlands Coffee, Rugaya Richie, and explore ways on how to begin this work of meaningful changes for frontline coffee communities in SW Uganda, using coffee as the change agent.  

Not just in Uganda, but right here in Detroit. 



Coffee sale profits will help support Noble Gorilla Foundation to implement social projects in Uganda. 

And in the Island View community, plans are underway for incorporating job creation in the coffee industry as part of the Church of Messiah's Master Plan.