Countdown until World Gorilla Day!!!

For World Gorilla Day, we're partnering with the Ugandan Wildlife Authority to buy much needed ponchos, gumboots, and torches for their rangers to continue their important work in conserving mountain gorilla habitat. 

psst...as a registered 501c3 non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible! 

Help protect mountain gorillas! 

Wondering what your donation will do? 

In the leadup to World Gorilla Day on Sep 24, all of our donations will go towards the following items for the Ugandan Wildlife Authority...  the team comprises of 110 members in Bwindi and Mghinga National Parks.

$30 USD - We can buy one rechargeable LED flashlight for the Ugandan Wildlife Authority a heavy-duty rainjacket. There are 110 rangers.

$55 USD - We can buy a single camping tent for Uganda Wildlife Authority.  

$70 USD- We can buy a thermal sleeping bag or a changing station

We are also putting funds towards installing a rainwater tank at the UWA barracks, which is a long-term goal that requires funds of approximately $10,000 USD.